AOC 24G2U 144hz 24″ Monitor


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The AOC 24G2U 144hz 24″ Monitor has a refresh rate of 1 ms MPRT and FreeSync Premium support eliminate stuttering and tearing.



The AOC 24G2U excels in action-packed games. With a 144 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time, it provides images of perfect quality.


Equip yourself with twice the frame rate of other monitors and say goodbye to image stuttering and blurry motion. With the AOC 27G2U 27″ Monitor the refresh rate every frame is rendered sharply and in smooth succession, so you can line up your shots accurately and appreciate high speed races in all their glory.


1ms response time equals speed without the smear for an enhanced experience. Fast-moving action and dramatic transitions will be rendered smoothly without the effects of ghosting.

6 Games mode

Tailor your display to the game with a click of a button. Switch settings between in-built presets for FPS, racing, or RTS games, or customise your own ideal conditions and save them. The AOC Settings KeyPad makes switching profiles or adjusting features quick and easy.

Height adjustment

Raise or lower the screen to suit each individual’s height and seating preferences. The easy-to-adjust stand ensures hours of gaming comfort.

Low Input Lag

Unleash your reflexes by switching to the AOC Low Input Lag mode on the AOC 24G2U. Forget graphical frills: this mode rewires the monitor in favour of raw response time, giving the ultimate edge in hair trigger stand offs.


AOC G-Menu is a free tool that you can install on your PC to have complete customization paired with maximum convenience for any AOC or AGON monitor

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Monitor ColourBlack
Monitor Size23.8″
Refresh Rate144Hz
Response Time (mprt)1ms
Panel TypeTPV TPM238WF1 [Panda panel with custom backlight] FFS IPS (In-Plane Switching) type LCD
Native resolution1920 x 1080
Typical maximum brightness250 cd/m²
Colour support16.7 million (6-bits per subpixel plus dithering)
Contrast ratio1000:1