Xtrfy K4 RGB Keyboard


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The Pro-level Keyboard For All-level Gamers

The essentials of our Major-winning keyboards. In a new, straightforward package. The Xtrfy K4 RGB Keyboard features what you need to step your game up. Performance for the highest level. Bang for the buck. No excuses. You’re ready.

Mechanical Switches Trusted by Pros

Approved by elite gamers, Xtrfy’s pro-grade keyboards come equipped with red mechanical key switches. Lighter touch, faster actuation and a lifetime of 70 million keystrokes.

Unlimited Accuracy For Split-second Reactions

1000 Hz polling rate makes for instant registration of every keypress, while full N-key rollover means zero missed keystrokes – no matter how many you press at once.

Crisp RGB LEDs

Six-zone color customization. Numerous backlight and typing effects. The K4 features an impactful RGB lighting, using elevated DIP LEDs for crisp illumination of every key.

No Software. No Hassle

Switch settings and LED modes on the fly and say goodbye to cumbersome software. All adjustments are made directly on the keyboard.

Pro-grade Durability

The Xtrfy K4 RGB Keyboard is built to provide long-lasting performance at the highest level of competitive play. With a metal plate construction, reinforced PCB and casing along with highly durable key switches, you’ll leave nothing to chance.