Zotac Twin Edge OC RTX 3070 White Edition


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In stock

The Zotac Twin Edge RTX 3070 White Edition not only boasts the speed and gaming capabilities. But also is an aesthetic graphics card. Thus making it the center piece of attraction of your gaming computer.

Advanced Cooling

The Zotac Twin Edge RTX 3070 introduces the refined IceStorm 2.0 cooling system. Which helps by having a wider surface area to help keep the GPU cooler. In addition to also enchanting the look of the cooler and what lies underneath. The new 11-blade fan design increase airflow by up to 10% from the previous and old design.

Freeze Fan Stop

When there isn’t any load on the graphics card the fans stop turning. Thus helping reduce noise levels by using the heatsinks to cool the card and reduce the wear and tear of the fans.

Active Fan Control – FireStorm Software

The Active Fan Control lets the users control the fans independently and allow for the increase of airflow when and where it’s needed. This can all be controlled by the use of the Zotac FireStorm Sofware.

Metal Backplate

A metal backplate to help dissipate the heat better to grant better cooling temperatures. As well as covering all of the circuit board providing an extra layer of added protection and style.


ColourWhite with RGB
Memory Bandwidth448 GB/s
Card BusPCI-E 4.0 x 16
Graphics Clockup to 1755Mhz
Memory Clock14000Mhz
Memory Size8GB
Memory Bus256 Bits
Card Size231.9mm x 141.3mm x 41.5mm
DirectX & OpenGL12 & 4.6 (Respectively)
OutputDisplayPort 1.4*3, HDMI 2.1*1