Deepcool Gammaxx GTE V2 White CPU Cooler


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The Deepcool Gammax GTE White CPU Cooler is a great Budget Air Cooler with a breathtaking white LED light and performance.




The Deepcool Deepcool Gammax GTE White is an amazing cooler to get you started. Helps provides great low temperatures and low noise. Along with a very easy installation it sure is a great CPU cooler!

Upgraded Heat Pipes

Using a scientific layout as well as upgraded and updated technology, the heat will dissipate faster. Due to the four copper heat pipes which help dissipate the heat a lot faster and more efficiently.

Larger Surface Area

The direct touch technology helps the heat pipes absorb more heat from the CPU more efficiently. This is due to the larger area the heatsink is made out of which allows for more areas to be covered thus allowing for more and faster heat dissipation.

Low Noise

The 120mm fan has been made to be finely tuned to maintain a perfect balance between noise levels. Thus achieving harmony allowing for a low noise level whilst maintaining a low temperature.

Easy to Install

With the brand new heat resistant mounting kit, the Deepcool Gammax GTE White has been made easier and safer to use. Along with it being easier all the tools and instructions are laid out in a simple manner. It allows for it to be installed in multiple directions so it can fit no matter what your motherboard and ram you are using.