Drift DR85 Red


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In stock


The Drift DR85 Red is that chair model that keeps you comfortable, even in the most difficult situations. Available in three colors, black, blue and red, it is a perfect gaming throne. Able to with hold up to 150KGs

2D adjustable armrest

The armrests of the DR85 are adjustable in height and position, allowing you to adapt your arms to different positions and enjoy great comfort during long gaming sessions.

Premium materials

A finish with premium materials. Equipped with a robust structure covered with padded FOAM and premium leatherette under an aggressive design that takes care of every detail, such as the color on the base and wheels and the carbon finish on the seat and backrest.

Class 4 piston

Drift chairs are equipped with a class 4 gas piston, which makes them very resistant to heavy weight.

Star-shaped wheels and base

Drift DR85 has a metal structure on a star-shaped nylon base from which its five wheels are born, giving its entire chassis great stability and resistance.

Rocker seat

Drift chairs offer you the greatest comfort by adapting to your center of gravity through its tilting system.

Adjustable height

With a solid gas piston system, you can adjust the most convenient height for your play or work space, being able to adjust throughout the entire piston travel.

Reclining backrest

It has a firm but padded backrest structure that you can recline up to 135 degrees to rest your back during the game, work or simply rest.

Lumbar and cervical cushions

The DR85 incorporates two cushions. One for the lower back and one for the cervical area. To help you maintain a comfortable and correct posture, avoiding injuries resulting from improper posture.

Available in 3 colors

The Drift DR85 Red is available in 2 other colorways apart from Red, those are Black and Blue.