Gamdias Talos E2 Elite Case


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The Gamdias Talos E2 Case, is mid-tower case with front trapezoidal tempered glass panel and three 120mm eye-catching ARGB fans. In addition including sleek tinted tempered glass side panels. Which fully displays all components and leads to a brand new visual display experience!

Clean slate

A clean designed side glass panel without the thumb screws getting in the way visually. Along with a unique designed mechanism which allows the side glass panel to slide and clip right into the case. Therefor you are able to function the 4mm tinted tempered glass with ease, which displays your internal rig components.

Smooth and Uninterrupted

With a trapezoidal tempered glass and three built-in 120mm ARGB fans to allow high air flow go through the aggressive angled slots. Thus allowing air to flow smoothly throughout the case and exit via the back 120mm fan.

One Press and Sync All

Handy I/O port on the top of the case featuring a ARGB fans control button, allowing you to cycle through all the lighting effects by simply pressing a button. A 3-sec hold of the button will sync the fans to your RGB motherboard 5v 3-pin. A high-speed USB 3.0, two USB 2.0 ports, a HD audio jack and a power button can also be found on the I/O port.

Ample Accommodation

The accommodation inside Gamdias Talos E2 Case is able to support up to eight 120mm fans. Along with mounting points for a 360mm radiator, 280mm, 240mm radiator at the top and front, 120 mm radiator in the rear.

Magnetic Dust Filter

A magnetically held dust filter, located on top of the Talos E2 Elite to minimize dust entering the case. The magnets holding the dust filter in place, makes it easy to remove and clean the washable dust filter.


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