Gamdias Aeolus M2 1204R Fan Kit


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Using the Gamdias Aeolus M2 1204R Fan Kit you can truly have a lightshow within your computer case.

Remote Customization

By using the included remote you can customize the way you want Gamdias Aeolus M2 1204R Fan Kit to work. Thus allowing you to explore the 55 RGB Lighting effects, to find the one you really like. And if that bothers you just simply pick up the remote and switch to a different RGB effect.

Rise and Shine

Trio RGB Ring Lights both on each side of the fan and in the center. Thus allowing your case to glow from all angles and truly showing off the RGB effects.

Once Click, Sync All

The 1204R Fan Kit also comes with an addressable RGB support, thus meaning you can set everything up from the motherboard bios. Letting you sync all of the other RGB components in your build all together.

Aeolus Box

The Aeolus Box supports up to 8 standalone fans and an additional 2 LED strips, whilst also being able to daisy chain the boxes if you require even more fans or LED strips.

Quieter and Longer Lifespan

Using a Hydraulic Bearing, the M2 1204R reduces the friction noise by a large amount whilst still generating high airflow. Thus making it an ideal option for air cooling inside your computer.