Gigabyte Z590 Gaming X Motherboard


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The Gigabyte Z590 Gaming X Motherboard is a truly high end Intel Gaming Motherboard, which will house the 11th Gen CPUs. As well as being stylish.

Direct Power Design

The Gigabyte Z590 Motherboard Gaming X uses an 12 + 1 phases digital power design which includes power for both the digital PWM Controller and drMOS. Thus the 8+4 Solid-pin CPU Power connectors and including the 100% digital controller, both offer incredible accuracy. Especially whilst delivering power to the motherboard’s most power hungry components. Therefor allowing enthusiasts to get the most performance out of the new Intel 11th Gen CPUs.

XMP 4800 & 128GB

The Gaming X Z590 allows for up to 4800Mhz PLUS DDR4 memory to be used. Whilst the memory modules XMP is enabled on the motherboard and the current Memory already supports high memory. As well as being able to support 128GB of total memory. With a single slot being able to support up to 32GB.

Thermal Design

The z590 has a high coverage MOSFET with integrated molding heatsinks which help improve thermal efficiency. Along with being capable of guiding and helping the air flow towards the outside of the case. Using 2x M.2 Thermal Guards to help prevent the M.2s from over heating and losing performance. Also a thick thermal pad is used to allow for heat to transfer faster away from the components.