Ozone Mute Headset Holder


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In stock


The Ozone Mute Headset Holder features high quality materials and a minimalistic design.

Compact Design

The Ozone Mute Headset Holder a very sleek minimalistic design yet with a sturdy and stable base design. As well as barely taking up any space on your desk.


The Mute Headset Holder is made out of aluminum alloy which offers a robust support. Including as well rubber stabilizers located at the bottom of the holder which provide the necessary grip needed. Which will help the holder to stay put on the desk. This guarantees a strong hold even when it is not being used. As well as the rubber material used on it ensures that nothing happens to the headphones and are left without a scratch.

Universal Compatibility

The Ozone Mute Holder has been made to occupy the least amount of space possible whilst retaining a strong hold. When the Headset Holder is not in use you can store it somewhere else. The assembly kit included inside helps you take it down and put it back together with ease. As well as being compatible with any headband type headphones. Lastly also being able to take it anywhere due to the lightness of the headset holder.