Playseat Evolution Pro Actifit


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The Playseat Evolution Pro Actifit will give you same feeling as when you drive a real racing car.

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The Playseat Evolution Pro Actifit will give you same feeling as when you drive a real racing car. Thus when playing racing sims it’s as real as it gets!

Just Like a Real Racing Car

Come Close. You’ve got to inspect the Playseat Evolution Pro uplcose to appreciate how close the designers have come to perfection here. To feel like you’re on a race track when you’re in your gaming room? That’s hard. You know this chair. We;’ve just improved on our already legendary Playseat Evolution. You can taste the champagne on the podium just a bit more as this is as close to real-race feeling as it gets. The racing cockpit has head stabilisers in ther exact place they need to be in.

Superior Build Quality, Stability, Adjustability and Comfort

We’ve only used the highest quality materials to make the Evolution Pro extremely durable and comfortable to sit in for hours and hours. It ticks all the boxes. Specifically, these four: superior build quality, stability, adjustability and comfort. But how does it make you feel? That’s what matters. It translates any force feedback perfectly, allowing you to won the track as you get better and better so much that it may go to your head. Stay humble, we say.


The cockpit is very easy to adjust so your smallest¬† and largest friend can race back to back. No problem. You can even move the pedal plate and steering wheel plate around to fit every racer’s style and preference.

Easy to Store & Easy to Set up

The Playseat Evolution Pro Actifit has a unique, patented foldable system so it’s quick and easy to store. In fact, it can be placed under just about andy regular table or desk. Out of sight but not out of mind. If sim racing fuels your life in the same way it does ours. It is also quite easy to set up, taking less than 15 mins for the first time. Then when you want to play again after it has been store away simply pop the seat back up and you’re good to go!