Streamplify Light 10


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The Streamplify Light 10 allows you to take your content and streaming to the next level!


In stock


The Streamplify Light 10 allows you to take your content and streaming to the next level!

Glow Up Your Content

Great lighting can make or break your content. Take your production quality to the next level with the LIGHT 10 and give your content the glow-up it deserves.

Optimal Lighting for Every Occasion

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, this lightweight and versatile ring light is sure to deliver the ideal lighting for various environments and situations. Perfect for streaming, vlogging, photography, video recording, and more.

Enhance Your Look

Flatter your complexion while adjusting to match perfectly with your skin tone. Choose from 3 color temperature modes from 3000K – 6000K.

Vivid and Natural Lighting

High color rendering delivers rich and vibrant lighting to achieve more real and natural colors. Pure sunlight has the highest Color Rendering Index of 100. With CRI ≥90, the LIGHT 10 replicates over 90% of the visible color spectrum that the sun naturally produces.

Convenient Lighting Control

Built-in controller allows you to conveniently adjust brightness and color temperature with easy one-handed operation.

Attachable Smartphone Holder & Camera Mount

Allows for mounting of multiple devices simultaneously. Thus making it easy to stream and record on your smartphone and camera at the same time.

Lighting on the Go

Built-in 5V USB Port allows you to power your LIGHT 10 via power bank while you’re out and about. Therefore you can keep your video content pleasant and well-lit.

Foldable and Portable Tripod

Includes a lightweight yet sturdy tripod that allows for convenient, portable use while providing reliable stability. Fully adjustable and foldable design allows you to adjust the standing height (20cm – 25cm) of your LIGHT 10.