Team Group Vulcan Z 32GB 3200Mhz Red


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The Team Group Vulcan 32Gb ram features a grey  colour way as well as 3200Mhz of speed on a single DIMM.

Reinforced Structure and Heat Dissipation

The Team Group Vulcan 32GB Ram Kit has been designed to be protective against heat and normal wear and tear. Therefore the heat spreader is formed by a one piece alloy aluminum with 0.8mm of thickness to help combat the heat. As well as being able to reinforce the body structure, with added body strength to help prevent light scratches. Along with preventing any corrosion and making it non-conductive.

Selected IC chips

The Memory has been selected with rigorous testing to achieve the utmost compatibility and and stability. Thus being able to provide excellent quality, stability and performance.

High Performance & Low Power Consumption

The base power consumption of the new generation DDR4 memory has been lowered. But the data transfer speeds has been increased. Thus being able to help achieve a more power efficient memory module for better performance.

Intel XMP & AMD Ryzen Ready

It has been designed to work with both Intel and AMD systems. Whilst still allowing maximum performance on both with speeds capable of reaching up to 3600Mhz. Along with it being reliable as well as giving a performance boost to whatever system you own.