Hama uRage Stream 400 Plus Microphone


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In stock


The uRage Stream 400 Microphone is a great budget friendly Gaming Microphone. Whilst also having the ability to be perfectly suited for podcasts, streaming, music production. As well as even talking to your friends on your preferred platform.


The Stream 400 Plus is a professional microphone, that allows for recording with the highest quality of sound. Which is ideal for Gaming but also other uses such as recording songs, voice overs. Whilst also featuring a cable length of 2m. It also connects via USB. Whilst also providing distortion-free and detailed video recordings.


The uRage Stream 400 features a rotary and foldable tripod with sturdy metal legs. Giving it a stable and sturdy framework. In addition to also having anti-skid silicone pads to help prevent the microphone from sliding around. Whilst also being the tripod being foldable allows for easy carrying and storage. Useful for when the microphone is not being used.

Studio Version

The uRage Stream 400 Microphone allows for attachment using a microphone spider which isĀ  included. Thus meaning you are not limited to a tripod only.

Flexible dual-screen pop filter

Providing a dual screen pop filter for an interference-free recordings thanks to filtering of interference noise. Thus preventing any unnecessary pops when talking allowing you to have a clear sound.