Zowie XL2546K 25″ Monitor


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The Zowie XL2546K 25″ Monitor is the new generation of XL series PC e-Sports monitors further enhance adjustment flexibility, as well as players’ comfort and convenience, allowing them to focus on their in-game performance. Whilst also being able to be used for PS5 and Xbox Series X at 120Hz.

Smaller Base – More Playing Space

The new Zowie base has been designed to use up less space while maintaining the same stability. This allows for more space in your setup for in-game movements. Therefor allows the flexibility to make keyboard and mouse adjustments and play comfortably.

Fluid & flexible adjustment – More comfort in-game

Everyone has their own unique combination of monitor height and angle adjustment. Thus having the ability to adjust the height & free tilt. Therefore you are able to setup quickly and conveniently resulting in a more comfortable playing environment.

Make visual adjustments based on your in-game needs

The Zowie XL2546K 25″ Monitor has the function called “Black eQualizer” to increase visibility in dark scenes without overexposing the bright areas. Adjusts the Color Vibrance setting and tone to help differentiate enemy targets whilst in-game. Thus having game modes to switch between presets for different game titles these are all adjustments that allow you to play with your preferred visual settings.

No compromise in durability for aesthetics

The LCD panel is protected even more thanks to the new durability design which provides added resistance on the sides. The LCD Panel is still aesthetically pleasing and there were no cut corners when making the new design. This is useful when going to LAN events and having to transport the monitor, helping you avoid any damages towards the monitor.

Quick Access Settings

The change to the user settings is not just a cosmetic change. The new redesigned interface brings you the ability to customize the settings quickly using the quick menu after that it can be accessed with a touch of a button. Setting up before games has never been easier.