Glorious GMMK TKL White


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The Glorious GMMK TKL White Keyboard features a clean matte silver body. All white double-shot abs keycaps, modular board and a detachable cable!




The Glorious GMMK TKL White Keyboard features a clean matte silver body. In addition to the clean silver body it also comes including an all white double-shot abs keycaps, 87 keycaps. Whilst also featuing an extra keycap to add some extra style which can be swapped out to the normal white one. The keyboard also allows for a detachable usb type-c connectivity, whilst aslo being modular to support any switch you desire.

Modular MX Switches

The Glorious GMMK TKL White is the first ever modular keyboard. Thus allowing the user to swap out the switches to any of the Cherry, Kailh or Gateron switches. The keyboard comes equipped with Gateron Brown switches. In addition the keyboard also give you a keycap puller to help you pull out the keycaps safely without damaging them. Which is located at the back of the keyboard, it also comes along with a switch puller.

Minimalistic Design

A gaming keyboard that does not look obnoxious. But also comes featuring a sturdy base to help with durabilty during those light scratches and long rage enducing gaming sessions. Whilst also having rubber feet and pads to prevent your keyboard from sliding.

RGB Backlight

The keyboard lets you set it to any colour and any combination you desire, multiple effects. Without needing a software to program it all.

GMMK Software

Macros and hotkeys can be programmed via the GMMK Software. In addition you can also use the GMMK Software to adjust rgb setup to your needs. Which also supports multiple profiles so you can have multiple setups at one go.


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