Hama Steady 120 LED Ring Light


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The Hama Steady 120 LED Ring Light is aimed for upcoming streamers and social media influencers who are willing to take their hobby to the next level.



The Hama Steady 120 LED Ring Light is great for those who are starting out on streaming. Or even any other hobby which requires a direct light on your face. Therefore allowing you to have great photography or videos for social media.

Brightness  & Temperature

The ring light allows you to control the color temperature in 3 stages (3000/4500/6000 K) great for optimizing and illumination of videos and portraits, all can be controlled using the cabled remote control. The light intensity can be set according to how you want it, in 10 stages of luminosity.

Smartphone holder

A smartphone holder made for your phone which can be adjusted accordingly to the width of your phone. Used both in portrait mode and landscape, comes with a ball head and a flexible swan neck. Making sure you get those unusual angles possible.

Size Matters

The Hama Steady 120 LED Ring Light can be extended up to 3 ways, a maximum of 215cm which is ideal for larger scenes. Whether it is sitting or standing the ring light will do its job.


The tripod has a stable base made from robust and lightweight aluminum with adjustable feet. Therefore making it extra durable and easy to carry.