HyperX SoloCast Microphone


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The HyperX SoloCast Microphone is a great alternative to the HyperX Quadcast Family, it bring almost the same quality of the great Quadcast.


In stock


The HyperX SoloCast Microphone is for the video editors, streamers, and gamers looking for a USB microphone with great sound quality. It’s Plug-N-Play, making it simple and friendly to use. Along with some of our fan-favorite conveniences like the tap-to-mute sensor and LED mute indicator. The versatile microphone has a flexible, adjustable stand and is also compatible with most boom arms. Thus it can either sit on your desk or work mounted.

The HyperX  family is certified by Discord and TeamSpeak. Thus you can ensure that your microphone is broadcasting loud and clear for all your followers and listeners. Whilst you can also monitor your mic in real time. Using the convenient headphone jack on the back of the mic.

Lastly the compatible HyperX SoloCast Microphone with PC, PS4, and Mac. As well as major streaming platforms like Streamlabs OBS, OBS Studio, and XSplit so you’ll be able to deliver quality sound to anyone tuning in.


The plug and play feature allows you to get quality audio recordings at ease with this USB condenser microphone. The cardioid polar pattern prioritizes sound sources directly in front of the microphone.

Tap-to-mute sensor with LED status indicator

Use the convenient tap-to-mute functionality to prevent an audio accident along with the help of the LED mic status indicator. If the light is on, the mic is active, if the light is off, the mic is muted.


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