Logitech G Pro Keyboard


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The Logitech G PRO Keyboard has been built to be compact and portable.



The Logitech G PRO Keyboard has been built to be compact and portable.

GX Clicky Switches

The Logitech G PRO Keyboard uses advanced GX mechanical switches which have been engineered for the utmost highest performance. Along with great responsiveness and durability in mind. Lastly the GX Clicky switches feature an audible and tactile feedback bump to let you know when the key has been pressed.

Compact & Ultra Portable

A tenkeyless design to help provide additional space for your mouse. As well as being able to fit in most bags to be easier when travelling. Along with a detachable Micro USB cable with a three pronged design. Thus being able to secure onto the keyboard and have an easy connection whilst also being safe to transport inside the travel bag.

Lightsync RGB

The G Pro Keyboard allows you to highlight your important keys or simply showing your team pride. Thus being able to customize the lighting and animations using the G HUB software. As well as being able to save setting profiles onto the keyboard onboard memory. For when you are travelling with your computer and needing to keep the lighting designs or Macros.

Angular and Rubber Feet

Using the Rubber Feet will help keep the keyboard in place. Along with the rubber feet the keyboard had three adjustable settings to customize the angle of your keyboard. Thus making sure are comfortable in any position you like.


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