NACON Asymmetric Wireless Controller


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The NACON Asymmetric Wireless Controller is a great controller for those who want a wireless controller for pc and ps4. Along with an asymmetrical layout allowing for a comfortable design.

A Wireless Alternative For PS4 AND PC

The NACON Asymmetric Wireless Controller With a proven design and features that provide gamers with everything they need. Thus offering an alternative gaming experience on PS4 consoles. As well as the controller can also be used for PC gaming!

Asymmetric Layout

The Wireless Controller has an asymmetric stick layout and proven ergonomics to provide gamers with an alternative experience on PS4.

Rechargable battery

It has a rechargeable battery and USB dongle for Bluetooth® connectivity, guaranteeing uninterrupted transmission up to 7m from the console, even during local multiplayer sessions. The Asymmetric Wireless Controllers’s Bluetooth® USB receiver also allows audio and chat via the headset jack. Whilst also having up to 7hr of battery life.

Essential Features

In addition to all the essential features expected on a PS4™controller, including a full-featured touch pad and all the game buttons*, NACON’s Asymmetric Wireless Controller includes a battery level indicator button. Positioned on the back of the controller, it provides an easy way to check the battery level without disrupting your game.