NACON Ps4 Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller


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The NACON Ps4 Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller offers a true wireless experience with premium materials.

Redefining Premium

The REVOLUTION Unlimited Pro Controller combines all of NACON’s technological expertise in competitive gaming on PS4™. Boasting a wireless game mode, it’s the ideal choice for the most demanding gamers.

Technical Specifications

The REVOLUTION Unlimited Pro Controller is NACON’s first PS4 controller with a wireless mode. It also offers all the customisation features, both manual and via software, that competitive players need. The controller also has 7hr of battery life.

Adjustable Sensitivity

The sensitivity of the REVOLUTION Unlimited Pro Controller’s sticks can be easily adjusted thanks to interchangeable heads and shafts.

Adjustable Weight

Additional weights can be added to the concealed compartments, thus letting you adjust how much weight there is to the controller.

Bluetooth Receiver

Thanks to the integrated Bluetooth receiver, you can choose between wired and wireless mode. In addition it also includes a headset jack for chat and audio features in both communication modes. As well as with the controls on the underside of the controller, you can quickly adjust the headset volume. As well as the game mode (1 – PS4™, 2 – PS4™-Advanced, 3 – PC-Advanced) and the controller communication mode.

In PS4™-Advanced and PC Advanced modes, you can access game profiles created with the included software. Thus letting you customise the button mapping, left and right stick response curve, stick and axis inversion. As well as the dead zone sensitivity for each trigger, and vibration intensity, the customisation possibilities are endless.

RGB Capabilities

The NACON Ps4 Revolution Unlimited Pro allows you to change the colour and brightness of the right stick backlighting. Therefore allowing you to have a truly personalised look!

Storage Case

The controller and all its accessories can easily be transported in the included rigid storage case. Thus allowing you to travel with ease.