SteelSeries QCK Edge 3 XL


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The SteelSeries QCK Edge 3 XL is a legendary mousepad in the Esports scene.




The SteelSeries QCK Edge 3 XL is a legendary mousepad in the Esports scene. Having a nice and clean design perfect for your mouse to glide on, without having any unnecessary bumps along the way. Big enough for all of the space you need.

Gaming’s best-selling mousepad just got bigger

Never again run out of mouse tracking space in the middle of battle. The legendary SteelSeries QCK Edge 3 XL mousepad now provides complete desktop coverage for all your gaming peripherals. Along with it being 1220 x 590 mm.

Legendary Micro-Woven Cloth

With over 10 million sold, the SteelSeries QcK is the pinnacle of surface performance and innovation.

Pinpoint Mouse Accuracy

Tested by the top mouse sensor manufacturer. Thus the high thread count and smooth surface optimizes mouse tracking accuracy for both optical and laser sensors.

Never-Slip Base

The durable, non-slip rubber base is designed to eliminate unwanted movement and provide a solid platform for competitive gaming.

Professional Performance

For the past 15 years, esports pros have trusted the QcK as their mousepad of choice, and for good reason: SteelSeries products have won more prize money than any other brand.

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