Team Group C171 16GB White USB


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The Team Group C171 16GB makes use of limited space to pack a good amount of portable storage.




The Team Group C171 16GB makes use of limited space to pack a good amount of portable storage.

Minimal design with fashion elements

Exquisitely built with originality, the black and white piano keys-like C171 USB drive’s design concept is fused with color aesthetic and fashion trend. The black and white, minimalist C171 has a compact streamlined unibody. The color choice includes crystal carbon black with golden letters, creating a remarkable aristocratic atmosphere; ivory white matches up with rose gold to express the fashion aesthetic luxury and leads a new trend.

Three excellent protective functions

The Team Group C171 16GB unibody design and COB assembly process offer all-around data protection including waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, etc. to ensure data security and reliability. Through plug and play design, it is able to immediately expand the storage capacity of desktop and laptop.

Mini size and easy to carry

With C171’s sleek one-piece capless design, and its lightweight and compact size, it is easy to carry around and storage. It is not only a space saver on a car, but also supports various types of car audio systems with built-in USB ports. Thus allowing you to easily enjoy a wonderful musical feast even while you are on the move.

Thoughtful strap hole design

The thoughtful strap hole design at the end makes it easy to carry around. It not only offers convenience for users to store their multimedia files, or access briefing materials. But it can also bring you more personal style and turning into a mini fashion accessory. Therefore letting you build up your own black and white sleek style.