Elgato Acoustic Wave Panels Extention Kit


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The Elgato Acoustic Wave Panels allow you to experience a new level of Audio. This extension kit gives you an additional 2 Wave Panels.

Studio Quality Acoustics For Any Space

Having dialed all the filters and tweaked your equalizer. Now you are able to fine tune your spacious area, essentially giving you that superior sound feeling. Without spending thousands on you microphone and audio quality.

Set Up In A Snap

Having a proprietary EasyClick Frames makes installation quick and effortless. Simply by snapping them together which easily allows you to create a constellation pattern. Since the Acoustic Wave Panels are light as a feather, using 2 screws is just enough. As well as sometimes even the included adhesive is enough.

Limitless Customization

Due to the hexagonal means the Elgato Acoustic Wave Panels can be configured to suit any wall space and type. Therefore allowing you to have a unique design and different shapes with the ability to easily swap them out to personalize your set up.

Equalize Your Room

The rewards of acoustic treatment in your room is a powerful effect. Vocals become big and airy, as well the music reveals a greater detail and movies sound much more epic as well as becoming true to life. Thus allowing to change the way you experience audio.