Playseat NBA Chicago Bulls


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The Playseat NBA Chicago Bulls get your right in the moment for any type of game.

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The Playseat NBA Chicago Bulls get your right in the moment for any type of game.

Get In The Moment At All Times

Lean Forward. Get the steal. Lean back. Sink a three. What would it feel to be in the moment at all times? We put you in total control. You’re in the ideal sitting positon at a ll tiems. When you need a break, you’ve still go your courtside seat ready for some real NBA action.

It Moves With You

The Playseat Champ NBA lets you move about freely while maintaining an active and correct sitting position. The seat follows your movements whether you’re in defence or attack mode. Of course, it’s with you when you shift to “I’ve just won” or “I just want to relax and watch the game” mode too.

Court Action’s Hot. You’re Not

Fact: You’ll play for hours. It will be intense. You must keep your coool. Thus you must stay cool. We’ve got you covered. The Playseat NBA Chicago Bulls has a cover made of use of breathable ActiFit material.

Sitting Pretty In Full Control

You’re sitting there. In total control of your game. You’re totaly clueless that hte Playseat Champ NBA’s MotionForce rubber feet are doing the job of keeping you in your ideal sitting position.

Pockets In All The Right Places

You stay focussed on the game. We’ll sort out pockets for your stuff. The Playseat Champ NBA has four knitted easy-access pockets. Controller, phone, TV remote? Put wathever you want in there.