Xtrfy K3 RGB Memchanical Keyboard


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The Xtrfy K3 Keyboard gives you the feeling of a mechanical keyboard in membrane construction. In other terms: smart design for gamers of all levels


In stock

The Xtrfy K3 Keyboard stands for a new, effective way to improve your gaming experience. With its robust design, quick response and the new mem-chanical key switches, the K3 gives you the feeling of a mechanical keyboard in a membrane construction. Or as we like to put it: smart design for gamers of all levels.

Mem-Chanical Switches

The Xtrfy K3 Keyboard combines a high-quality membrane construction with a new key switch design, aiming for the tactility of red mechanical switches. The result is a premium-feeling yet affordable gaming keyboard.

Faster Reactions

Designed for speed and precision, the K3 features 1000 Hz polling rate and 19-key rollover for faster and more accurate registration of every keypress.

Durable Design

With a metal plate base and dust and splash resistant key switches with a lifecycle of 20 million keystrokes, the K3 is a sturdy, durable keyboard built for long-time performance.

RGB LED Illumination

Choose between multiple backlight and typing effects, and customize the illumination in up to six different color zones. The impactful RGB LED lighting of the K3 will not go unnoticed.

No Software. No Hassle

All settings are easily made directly on the keyboard and stored in an onboard memory. Just plug it in and play – with all your settings in place.


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